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BeSpoke gives back

As a growing business, we decided it was time that BeSpoke gives back. In all corners of the world there is someone that will always require assistance. In a third world country, these type of things are in plain sight.  I truly believe that our main purpose as humans is to help one another. Everyone at BeSpoke believes the same.

Dumaguete is a place in the Philippines with a rich culture and some would say, a diverse city. I accredit all the diversity due to it being a University town. It is home to one of the 1st American established Universities called Silliman University. This school brings a lot of people from around the country and also around the world. With the Philippines being a country made up of islands, many people come to this place to go scuba diving and to enjoy some time getting to know the lively people that call this place home and others that love to visit or go to school.

Dumaguete is not so behind as some would think for a third world country. They may be behind in some of the conveniences that many first world countries have to offer but it makes up for it with the friendly people, the beautiful beaches, and the entertaining and lively nightlife that I’ve always enjoyed. It can be as simple as you want or as elegant as you want to dress.

Like any other country, we have our mix of the rich, the well-off, the just getting by, and the poor. There are plenty of opportunities in our city to help someone. Everyday children on the street will ask for a little bit of money. They will ask you for just enough so that they can buy bread or rice to help feed their family. During Christmas time, people travel far to come to the city, play Christmas carols outside your house in exchange for a little bit of change. At night, kids will walk past us selling peanuts, they won’t go home until they have sold everything. A lot of times, they’ll stop and talk awhile, entertain you, but mostly you look at their face and think to yourself these are just children and their opportunities are sparse or far and few.

Dumaguete is a small city where everyone knows everyone in one way or another. You start to see the same faces and get to know them through smiling at each other, making quick banter, or really stopping to talk. These strangers become extended family in a way. There are a lot of people who work hard, don’t make much, but just enough to help support their family. The majority work hard but are never truly able to grow unless they have a successful business.

BeSpoke started as a plan for a group of people to help sustain their life in a place we love so very much. Each of us have different reasons why we wanted to start this business. That included buying a house, a vehicle, etc. Our main driving force was to establish a successful business and be able to provide for our family and be able to live in this little city we call home.

Right now, I would consider BeSpoke a small company currently made up of 12 employees. There are many successful outsourcing companies established in Dumaguete. These companies have helped sustain a lot of our fellow friends and family with work. So, why can’t we do the same? But our vision is to create a workplace that our employees will want to come to. A place that when the alarm goes off in the morning they don’t wonder why they chose to work here. Majority of our adult life is spent at work. We should make it worth our while and not a place where we regret to spend our time. We want our employees to know that we will always let them put the most important things to them as priority–and that’s family. Once we started generating revenue we realised we can do more than just provide for our families. We can also assist our community to reach its true potential. I truly believe that if you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself, your partner, your family, and your community. What better way to improve all the areas that immediately affect us than by helping the people that we spend the most time with?

Christmas time was a great time for us to start. At this point, we at BeSpoke, really felt like we had established ourselves. We decided this was the time to grow and put ourselves in our community. It wasn’t hard to decide what we were going to do. At Christmas time, we set up a feeding program. We selected a group of people to provide meals for them and their family. This exploded our hunger to help more people in our community. We have come up with a plan to find out more about foundations in our community. We would also like to partner with other businesses to do our part in sharing our blessings.

The main focus of BeSpoke has been providing business plans and supporting documents that assist with business visas to go to Australia. That includes those who want to establish a business, expand their business, and sponsorship visas. This year we hope to help students reach their dreams of traveling to Australia and studying there. This will help them and their families tremendously. Not only will they be able to establish themselves in a place with more opportunities but they will have the chance to make a better life and reach other opportunities that are quite unreachable here in the Philippines. With important factors driving them and the exuberance to work hard, they will bring an abundance of success and growth to Australia and much needed assistance to the community that motivates them in the first place. This is only the beginning and the sky is not even the limit. BeSpoke started as business to help a few but now we want to help many.

If you share the same passion as us, we’d love to hear from you about your efforts and how we can assist each other reach those goals together. Please join us in our quest to build a future or us, our families, our friends, our community, our country, our world, our home.