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What will your 2018 look like according to your zodiac sign?

The year 2018 would be represented by the Chinese zodiac animal dog. This would be of earth element and Yang energy. It has been predicted that the element of earth will become very important to all signs. This will bring people to be more grounded and stable.

Traits associated with dogs are attentiveness, practicality, loyalty, stubbornness and guardedness. Hence, the year of the dog favours conservative actions as individuals would have to start prioritizing emotional connections and emphasize trustworthiness and loyalty. According to Chinese astrology, 2018 is a very good year for the financial aspect yet a little difficult for the health aspect. All zodiac signs will have to pay more attention in their health.

The symbolic characteristics of the Dog give importance to hard work and commitment, which in turn will boost romantic connections and financial standing for all zodiac signs. This will be a highly sensitive period, highlighting intelligence, protection and most of all, family. Furthermore, the year of the Dog forebodes violent upheavals around the globe.

The Chinese zodiac is based on 12 temperaments represented by 12 symbolic animals starting with the rat and followed by the ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat/sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and boar. According to, all zodiac signs will go through a series of ups and downs depending on the actions and state of mood they give to and share with their surroundings.

What does your 2018 look like?

The year of the Dog favours the sign of the Rabbit with the help of the earth element. Individuals with this animal symbol will find comfort and prosperity, seeing wonderful progress almost every day as they work their way toward their dreams.

Dragons, Goats and Roosters will be having difficulty in adjusting to the slower pace of the Earth Dog. Thus, it is an essential matter for these signs to appreciate these changes in the pacing of their day-to-day lives. Learning to relax and enjoy life once in a while is a practice they will greatly benefit from this year.

Those born under the signs of Horse, Tiger and Ox will finally find someone to share their lives with romantically, rather than dating people who don’t work out. This positivity comes from the two inherited characteristics from the Dog, which are independence and loyalty.

Financial success favours the zodiac animals Rats and Pigs as these signs tend to focus on the accumulation of wealth. They will finally be rewarded for their hard work. On the other hand, an abundance of lessons and great understanding will be gone through by Snakes and Monkeys. However profound these lessons may be, those people under these signs will make great life changing decisions, which will strengthen their outlook and performance in life.

Finally, Dog natives may find that doors magically open for them during this year. Mild disturbances and dilemmas will be approached with sincerity and grace by this sign. This year is their opportunity to consolidate achievements and renew motivation.

The overall turning point of all the zodiac signs this year is the arrival of enlightenment and acceptance. No matter how disastrous or spectacular the year of the dog may be, positive perspective in life and incessant hard work will bring in good providence and fortune.