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Meet April, our fierce Quality Officer

Meet April!

April or ‘mommy’ as we call her, is a mother to a beautiful daughter named Canika. She is happily married and has been part of the team since day one! She is BeSpoke’s Quality Officer and is a certified copy editor.

BeSpoke - AprilGiven that she is a full-time quality officer, she is also a full-time mother! I truly believe in the strength of women and their capabilities to excel in all of their responsibilities whether it be through work or personal life. She has managed to keep up with our busy timelines and has also been able to raise a beautiful girl at the same time. (Talk about multi-tasking huh!)

Not your typical quality officer

April is also a Certified Registered Nurse here in the Philippines and is not your typical quality officer. She has had years of experience in the medical field helping numerous patients and is also our company’s chief nurse! We do have quite a number of nurses in our office which also includes our very own CEO, Lauren, who is also a registered nurse in the United States of America.

BeSpoke is an office that is dominated by strong women, and April is considered to be one of them. She is as kind and caring as a mother, but can be as strict as a platoon leader when it comes to ensuring the quality of our documents. Her furious marker scares a lot out of me when I have documents checked. She can spot every error no matter how small it is. Her attention to details are impeccable and her work ethics are as strong as an elephant.

Work aside, she is a very loving wife to her husband and a caring mother to her daughter. Her presence inside and outside of the office is filled with happiness and her laugh echoes through the hallways. April is an important player to the success of BeSpoke. Even though she can be quite small in size, her heart and passion is as big as our love for her combined. WE highly appreciate her presence and commend her on being such a pro in life!