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Meet Cil, the artsy business writer

The artsy Business Writer

Meet CilIf you ask me to describe Cil, she can be one feisty writer. She is a psychology graduate from Silliman University and is an awesome artist! She is also a certified copy-editor and is a box full of surprises.

Her talent in the arts can also be seen in her writing skills. Although the youngest in the group, she is quite mature for her age and is an advocate for women’s rights.

Working with her in the office is such a delight as she can be very quirky but is a bad ass when it comes to finishing documents on time. She has been writing for the immigration industry for more than 3 years now and has a full understanding of everything we need to know. Her gift of kindness and humbleness resonates in everything that she does.

An upcoming artist

Cil, or ‘Cillya’ as we call her, is one of our best writers and is one of the most inspiring person in the office. As the bread winner for her family, she has taken the responsibility to help her sister go to school by paying her tuition fee and is also responsible for paying the bills! Imagine having all those responsibilities at a young age.

She is also an upcoming visual artist and has been recognised and featured in the CBook Collective titled The Little Book of Art. Not only that, she has also contributed to PAGSIBOL, a non-government organisation that held an exhibit in Manila, Philippines. She is currently collaborating with and is working on printed designs. But wait! there’s more! She is also a volunteer graphic artist for an upcoming online publication called Intersection Stories. Now that’s a lot of talent!

If you want to check out some of her artwork, feel free to follow her on instagram: artbycilflores and check out her amazing work.