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BeSpoke helps Manggolod Elementary School

Manggolod School

Manggolod Elementary School is a public elementary school located in a far -flung area in Manggolod, San Jose in the Municipality of Santa Catalina, Negros Oriental. It’s a 3-hour drive away from the city.

The school was built to cater kids living in the surrounding rural areas. It’s incredible to think that although this school is so small, it can hold more than a hundred students from pre-school to 6th grade. Students go to this school by foot, as most of them are from low income families and whose parents are usually farmers. When we say “by foot”, we literally mean “barefeet” as some of these students walk to school for miles without even having any footwear to put on. School shoes are too fancy for them. School bags are also not particular to these kids. Some of them carry their books and school stuff in used grocery plastic bags. Going to school on rides and bringing bags are not ideal to these little ones. And it’s inspiring to know that despite the distance these kids have to walk and endure, they don’t mind the struggle going there, just for the love of schooling.

It is such an overwhelming experience to reach out to these students and converse with them about what they want to be when they grow up, And it’s amazing to know that these kids want to become professionals in the future for they want to help the community in Manggolod. Some of them want to become doctors, so they could help their loved ones when they’re sick while some want to become teachers, so they could teach future kids in the area. Other kids even want to become engineers, so they could build better facilities and roads for their town.

Building dreams

New school supplies from BeSpoke
Manggolod kids getting new school supplies from BeSpoke

In this day and age of technology where information is in the palm of our hands (literally), Manggolod Elementary School has no access to the Internet and only uses basic learning materials such as old or outdated books. The Bespoke team wants to change this by helping the school’s students access technology that many of us sometimes take for granted. We also want to sponsor educational scholarships to students who strive hard to achieve their dreams. But, we need all the help we can get.

Sadly speaking, the statistics of kids dropping out of school due to poverty is steadily increasing. According to a senior administration lawmaker, the number of elementary and high school dropouts has risen reaching 4.8 million or an 11% increase since 2012. In the Philippines, our government has implemented numerous programs to make education more accessible to the youth, especially for the less privileged ones. And this is the reason why we intend to help the community by starting from one small school and hope to reach out more schools in the future!

With regard to this, we would like to solicit help from our valued clients in this exciting community activity. For every document you request from BeSpoke, a percentage of your payment will proceed to a fund. This fund will be used to purchase new computers, school supplies, equipment and other facilities the students of Manggolod Elementary School may need. We are excited to share this one-of-a-kind experience with you as we have dedicated this whole year for this tremendous community activity. We hope you can help us make a difference.